Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Biker by Choice

By Maxine Barricklow of Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Maxine and John
I married a biker 20 years ago this July. I knew after my first ride behind him that I was hooked. My husband, John, was a 'born and bred biker' and with my new found freedom of the road, I became 'biker by choice.'

Maxine's '08 HD Nightster
Through our years together, we attended poker runs and smaller rallies.  The night we saw the tv footage for BBB and ALL the bikes that showed up I knew, WE HAD TO GO!  When the next rally came around in '07, we got our chance. We washed and shined my husband's bike,  collected our posse, and off we went to the very biggest rally I had ever seen.

The Bike parade (Parade of Power) was never ending, and my favorite part of the rally. The food was good, and the atmosphere of the big bike family is why we go back every year.  Making that 80 mile ride, through the beauty of NWA on 540 (you must honk your horn through the Bobby Hopper tunnel) is as much fun as being at Bikes, Blues and BBQ.  Natural Dam is a nice place to take a break from the hustle and bustle. We also enjoy riding the winding roads of the 'Pig Trail' and shopped at the Harley store.

John's dad, Brian
Late 2008, I was fortunate enough to get my own bike. I was glad to not have to wait for someone to give me a ride anymore! I couldn't wait for my first BBB parade, all by myself, on my own '08 HD Nightster. I know I had a grin from ear to ear. I'm sure my bike and I 'floated cloud 9' all the way down Dickson.

Maxine's husband John and his father, Brian
Last year BBB was a big one for us too. Again, gathering our posse, but this time, my husband's parents got to make that ride with us to BBB. John's dad, Brian, a life long biker, has had some health issues and it was great to ride with him during the rally at almost 80 years of age. It was nice to see him and my husband riding side by side again. It was a ride I will always remember.