Tuesday, July 2, 2013

CASA: A Bikes, Blues and BBQ Charity

Like a lot of mothers, Megan will embrace her children on Mother’s Day. She will treasure their wet kisses and handfuls of yellow dandelions. She will hang their homemade cards on her refrigerator.  Unlike a lot of mothers, Megan has had to work every day of her young adult life to earn the right to enjoy Mother’s Day.

Megan was a foster child. She entered the system at twelve and was high on one substance or another most of her teen life. Megan was abused, neglected and homeless, and in and out of treatment centers for both drugs and behavioral issues. She was pregnant at nineteen and had three children before she reached twenty-three.

Megan eventually lost custody of all three children.  The father of her children, another long time addict, hung himself in the county jail on his oldest son’s birthday, leaving his son saddled with a legacy he may never be able to shake.

Today, Megan is an addict in recovery and she has her three children by her side.  This is not a Fairy Tale. This is a tale of hope.  When Megan lost custody of her three children, she gained a CASA and that CASA became Megan’s lifeline.  Her CASA laid out a plan, highlighted each court ordered step to reunification and stood beside Megan, no matter what.  This volunteer offered the kind of support that Megan had never had before.

With her CASA’s support and guidance, Megan completed a successful inpatient drug rehabilitation program, attended weekly visitations with her three children while they were in foster care, attended parenting classes, got a job and secured housing for her family.  This year Megan can celebrate Mother’s Day, reunified with her children, because of her own hard work and the hard work, support and encouragement of her CASA volunteer.

CASA of Northwest Arkansas

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