Friday, August 30, 2013

600 Miles to Bikes, Blues and BBQ

By Luke Shields, Altoona, Iowa

The 2013 Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally will be my first to attend in Fayetteville. I have heard about your rally from friends who have been there, nothing but great things have been said!  I am riding down with 5 of my best friends who also live in Iowa, and meeting another friend at the rally who is from St. Louis. Our wives are driving down the day after we get there so they can join us.  We'll be riding just over 600 miles to get to the rally.  We are all stoked about coming down, and couldn't be more excited get there!

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 13, I am now 32. I currently ride a 2012 Harley Electra Glide Classic. I just bought it last week and had some customizing done. Now its ready for the rally! I traded in my 2008 Harley Street Glide for the classic. Both customized!  My dad got me started on motorcycles. His passion for them rubbed off on me and I have stuck with it since then.

Our plans are to just go with the flow when we get to the rally; eat some BBQ, listen to some blues, ride on poker runs, then see the country! I am looking forward to just seeing all of the beautiful scenery. I have heard it's amazing down there and I really can't wait to see it.  I have been to some local rallies here in Iowa and went to Sturgis last August. Our goal is to attend a different rally every year. I LOVE to travel on 2 wheels!

Ride safe, Luke, see you in September!  Luke will receive a Bikes Blues and BBQ t shirt for sharing his story.  Congratulations!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bikes Blues and Bombers

Come and see a piece of history, take a cockpit tour, watch these historic planes take off and land, or even take a flight yourself!  We are tremendously honored to be able to share the CAF AirPower History Tour, National Air Tour of Historic WWII Aircraft featuring "Fifi", the world's only flying B-29 Super fortress and the planes, pilots and crews of the Commemorative Air Force during Bikes, Blues and BBQ!

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More about this event host Arkansas Air and Military Museum...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The AMP would like to start the party early, so how about a little Skynyrd?!?

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
PRICES $34.50 – $77

PRE RALLY PARTY at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (the AMP) located at the Washington County Fairgrounds! Thursday, September 12th come party with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, and the Bikes, Blues, & BBQ Bunch at the calm before the storm!

The American rock band that rose to worldwide recognition on the basis of its driving live southern hard-rock performances and signature tunes like “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Free Bird,” “Gimme Three Steps,” “Simple Man,” “Saturday Night Special,” and so many more is coming to Northwest Arkansas.Mention the term “southern rock” and one band instantly leaps to mind: Lynyrd Skynyrd. They defined the genre in its Seventies heyday and beyond, and are still active entities. Originally formed in 1964 as the “Noble Five” in Jacksonville, Florida, the band’s three-guitar lineup gave them an uncommon musical muscle, while their down-to-earth songs spoke plainly and honestly from a working-class Southerner’s perspective. Theirs is one of the most dramatic tales in rock history. The saga of Lynyrd Skynyrd has unfolded in an almost mythical series of ups and downs, from being in the vanguard of a musical movement to the tragic 1977 plane crash that claimed the lives of three band members. From the ashes, the survivors re-formed a decade later, and what started as a tribute turned into a full-fledged renaissance.

Click Here To Purchase Tickets

Ticket prices:
Orchestra $77 (only 4 left as of 8/28)
Reserve $42
Lawn $34.50

Monday, August 26, 2013

Download the Rally Skinny

There is absolutely no way to fit everything going on at the rally onto one poster!  But, here is a basic skinny of the rally schedule.

High resolution ready-to-print 11x14 (may also be printed as 8x10) Bikes, Blues and BBQ Rally Schedule
Feel free to download, print and display.  This file is 10mb so please be patient during the download process.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bikes Blues and BBQ Helps Support the Jackson L. Graves Foundation

The Jackson L. Graves Foundation is dedicated to supporting critically ill infants, and their families, in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital.

We wouldn't be able to make such a big impact on the lives and futures of families during such trying and scary times without the help of such wonderful events, such as Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, and the generosity and support of our community.

Healing is an art, a combination of bold gestures and subtle nuances. The latter come in many forms, but none are more important than the work we do to improve the quality of life for neonatal and pediatric patients and families involved in critical care situations. We exist to provide family-centered care in the NICU environment to make trying times as comfortable, complete, hopeful and peaceful as possible.

We fund numerous projects to further research into recurring conditions, specialize training for nursing care, acquire special equipment needed for long term NICU patients and families, in addition to addressing immediate needs for families, such as toiletries and diapers. We are also in a partnership with the Arkansas Children's Hospital to create a resource library for parents and families of hospitalized infants, update their sibling playroom, and enhance support services for families.

We recently worked with Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville to fund the completion of their milk lab with the addition of two waterless milk warmers as well as a recliner to aid parents in Kangaroo Care.  We have also partnered with Willow Creek Women’s Hospital in Northwest Arkansas to provide CD players and classical music for each bedside as well as a new implementation of a noise monitoring system for the NICU.

We wouldn't be able to make such a big impact on the lives and futures of families during such trying and scary times without the help of such wonderful events, such as Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, and the generosity and support of our community. Thank you for helping us to continue such important work.

We invite you to visit us: On the web... | On Facebook... 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blues and R&B Friday Rally Night

September 20, 2013
Dickson Street Beer Garden Main Stage
2:30 - Midnight

The best possible FREE live music in our official beer gardens for the duration of the rally with Friday night being devoted to Blues and R&B.

For your Friday we've got Rockin' Jason D. Williams you will experience how the influence of Lewis comes through in his high-energy performances, Williams says, but his songs get him to a different place. As he says, "It's Jerry Lee Lewis meets Jackson Pollock and Jerry Lee Lewis meets Joe Namath."

According to journalist Jennifer Liebrum,
Andy Frasco is NOT suffering silently, "His first soul mate was a piano. The second shut him down after he proposed. So Andy Frasco went back to the former and wrote a song about the latter.  His mastery of the blues and jazz take you on the journey in a bouncy, hurts-so-good way."

Hailing from the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, with more than a combined 200 years of playing experience,
Earl and Them bring an electricity to the stage that is grounded by a rich history and lasting tradition in the blues.

We'll be rounding off the evening with Leah and the Mojo Band as well as Mr. Blue, two outstanding performers carrying the local blues torch with every bit of style and soul you'd come to expect from international performers.  So here's your Friday, we did good!

Rockin' Jason D. Williams
From MTV to The White House, Jason D. Williams brings a mad-man’s wild energy and a sparking passion to the stage. His Signature brand of wild and rowdy boogie woogie and rock and roll mixed with raw energy and boundless talent is a sure fire recipe for pleasing your audience.

Williams sound skips across multiple genres, incorporating everything from classical to country blues, jazz and rockabilly. But where he really shines is in his live performance, raw energy fueling the tunes as he stomps and bangs and dances behind the keys, and sometimes on the keys. There will be no doubt why fans and critics alike agree that the dynamic piano player from Memphis, TN is a MUST SEE, with the same musical genius as Mozart and the versatility and on the edge attitude to bring you back to the roots of Rock & Roll.

A broad range of musical style, talented story teller and engaging personality attract audiences of all musical tastes and ages, performing venues of less than a hundred to over 80,000, this show fits any market, any venue!

Jason D. Williams has, through the sheer power of his personality and high energy act, carved out a small place for himself in the ever volatile music industry.

Jason D. Williams, piano/vocals, Mike Harber, bass, James "Popcorn" Irving, drums/guitar, Rodney Polk, drums, Steve Clarke, horn

Andy Frasco, a twenty-three blues/jazz musician hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, is nothing short of an enigma. Influenced by Damien Rice, Sam Cooke, Professor Longhair, Van Morrison and Tom Waits, Frasco’s style is as uninhibited as those artists who inspire him. Let’s call it Party Blues.

Within the past three years alone, Frasco has trekked over 120,000 miles, performed over 700 shows, with spanning over 6 countries. Frasco’s journey, however, is just beginning. This revolutionary is on a mission to alter the music business as we know it.

Frasco’s a rarity in the music business: one who is an industry “insider” and a talented musician. This unparalleled insight is due, in part, to his days of managing and promoting bands when he was 16 years old. He’s booked bands like HelloGoodbye, and worked with labels and venues such as Drive Thru, Atlantic Records and The Key Club in Hollywood, Ca.

What’s more, Frasco does not come from a musical background. His family played no instruments, and it wasn’t until the age of 17 that Frasco met his soul mate: the piano. At 19 years old, Frasco traveled to New York to work with friend and colleague Jordan Stilwell, producing his first album Growth and Progress. From there, Frasco toured the country with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, raising money for Music Education in the Public Schools.

In 2011 alone, Frasco received musician of the year at showcases such as Sundance Film Festival, HatchFest, Orion’s Music Festival and the European Independent Film Festival.

Frasco may just be the “Second Coming” of blues music for this emerging generation, changing the course of mainstream music in a blazing path of glory that will someday take him home.

Andy Frasco, piano/vocals, Ernie Chang, saxophone, Shawn Eckels, guitar

Earl and Them
The band's leader is legendary guitar player Earl Cate, who was listed in Steve Cropper's top ten guitar players of all time. He gained fame with his twin brother Ernie as the Cate Brother's Band. Earl has been writing and performing music for five decades now. He has a unique style of playing which sets him apart from the rest. Earl has played and toured with Levon Helm and the Band, Crosby Still and Nash, Bo Diddley, Little Feat and many others. His bands have shared the stage with Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Boz Scaggs, Elvin Bishop, Lynnard Skinnard and many other rock legends of our time. 

In recent years, Earl continued to tour the region with his brother and their band the Cate Brothers, until the end of 2006 when Ernie decided he wanted to slow down and retire. The Cates have continued to play a few select shows each year, but Earl now concentrates his musical interest with his current group of players; "Them". Now in his fifth decade of playing the guitar and performing to the public, there is still a lot of great music left in Earl Cate.

Terry Cagel, drums/vocals, Jason Davis, guitar/vocals, Earl Cate, guitar/vocals, Mike Murray, bass

On the web... | On Facebook... | Listen...

Leah and the Mojo Doctors have been playing Blues and Rock & Roll since 2001. The band has received numerous nominations and awards. Leah was awarded the Ozark Music Awards Best Female Vocalist in 2004. In 2008, she won the NAMA for Best Female Vocalist. Leah & the Mojo Doctors were awarded the 2009 and 2010 NAMA for Best Blues/R&B Band. In 2011 the band won the NAMA for Best Cover Band! 2012 is proving to be a wonderful year! Leah is the current 2012 NAMA Female Vocalist, Leah & the Mojo Doctors are the 2012 NAMA Hall of Fame Multi-Category Winners, and the Ozark Blues Society's 2012 Blues Challenge Winner!

Leah Spears, Vocalist, Matt Perrine, Guitar, Jody Andrews, Guitar & Vocals, Eben Jones, Bass & Vocals, Bill Hynes, Drums & Vocals

Mr. Blue is a power trio developed out of Northwest Arkansas, who specializes in rock and rolls very articulate sub genres. Please beware of very loud amplifiers, along nasty blues riffs, accompanied by the over usage of the drum kit.

We found each other in early summer and meshed very quickly. With very deep musical backgrounds , the foundation of Mr. Blue is based on another level of progressive rock. Dustin Parker, Copelin Bates, and Zach Quam are "Mr. Blue and The Re-Education". Giving no discrmination towards any style or genre, the focus is loving to play and to entertain. Mr.Blue is open to learning any general song or style for the occasion, but only specializing in Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Blues, Alternative Rock, and Classic Rhythm and Blues. Ok. I lied...They do not play salsa.

Cope (Guitar/Vocals), Dustin (Bass/Vocals), Quam (the whippin post/drums)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blues and R&B Thursday Rally Night

September 19, 2013

Dickson Street Beer Garden Main Stage @ 2:30 - 11pm
Down with the BLUES!

The best possible FREE live music in our official beer gardens for the duration of the rally. Thursday and Friday are devoted to Blues and R&B, with Texas Blues, Memphis Blues and just a touch of country based blues thrown in.

The beer garden will jam to  RJ Mischo & His Red Hot Blues Band who have toured in 18 countries performing at top Showcase Night Clubs and on Major Festival Stages.  Samantha Fish, who has toured nationally as well as in Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and has been called one of the hottest new female guitar players in the blues world.  The line up continues with other notable greats such as Junior Markham and the Caretakers out of Tulsa, the wonderful Lectric Liz Lottman with Jigsaw Mud who are a local band consisting of very popular Blues musicians, and Jeff Meyer with Trick Bag. Be looking for a feature article on Trick Bag so we can introduce them to you soon!  What a night it will be, come get your funk on!

R.J. Mischo 
and his Red Hot Blues Band 
Singer/Harmonica player R.J. Mischo began his music career over 20 years ago in Minneapolis. He worked with the area’s legends of the Blues scene like Muddy Waters alumni Mojo Buford and Sonny Rogers, as well as Percy Strothers & Milwaukee Slim. R.J. then led his own groups and gained a reputation as one of the region's top blues acts.

During his tenure in Minneapolis, R.J. was nominated in several categories by the Minnesota Music Academy and in 1996 won the award for Best Harmonica Player. RJ Mischo scoops up everyday life and personal experiences and funnels them through his harp and vocals, and what pours out is the hot-blooded passion, the playful humor and high voltage energy of the blues.

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Samantha Fish
Just a few months ago, very few people outside Kansas City, Missouri knew there was a young, dynamic musician named Samantha Fish getting ready to take the world by storm. In fact, it's not all that long ago that the 22-year-old singer/guitarist first discovered the blues and started paying her dues on that city's local scene. With Runaway, her solo debut, she now breaks out big time, announcing herself as a newcomer to be reckoned with.

In between making her first two albums, Fish spent a month on the road with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde for the first leg of the year-long Blues Caravan Tour. It gave her the valuable opportunity to road-test the material heard on Runaway to a discriminating audience. With an exciting new debut album now in her back pocket, the tour continues throughout the summer and into the fall of 2011, touching down at many European and North American festivals and even taking to the seas on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise in October.

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Junior Markham 
and the Caretakers 
Whenever one asks around northeastern Oklahoma, southwestern Missouri and western Arkansas jook-joints, clubs and taverns about whether they have ever heard of harmonica slinger Jimmy "Junior" Markham, the usual response they receive is: "Yes Sir man; awesome harp tone."

The story goes that in the late 1950s, Markham, 58, and his cohorts, Leon Russell and J.J. Cale, worked clubs like the Casa Del, Paradise, Nine of Cups, Cardo's Cadillac and the Frisco Club in their hometown of Tulsa, Okla. Soon Russell left for Los Angeles to pursue success in the music business. Markham and Cale followed not long after.

Within months of arriving in the Golden State, these self-described "dustbowler Okies" were rockin' the blues in the City of Angels' basin. They had come to California to do some pickin', but unlike their forefathers, it wasn't gonna be cotton. Eventually both Russell and Markham wound up in Nashville, Tenn. where their paths crossed on various musical projects.

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Jigsaw Mud
Over a 35-year career, Liz Lottmann’s feisty, high-energy Memphis soul, blues and R&B performances have earned her the respect of musicians and audiences alike. She has performed in blues and jazz clubs in the U.S., Europe, Japan, South and Central America and Canada. While touring with her own bands, she also frequently sang with Donn McMinn’s Memphis Blues Revue, whose players included Jeff "Stick" Davis and Billy Earheart of Amazing Rhythm Aces, and Willie Hall of The Blues Brothers. She has shared the stage and jammed with artists such as Taj Mahal, the Nighthawks, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson, and Spyro Gyra.

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Trick Bag
Playing Blues and Classic Rock, the trio have enjoyed playing Blues Jams and decided to take it to the stage!  Sharing rockin' blues influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix, BB King, Budy Guy and Eric Clapton.

Eric Ray - Guitar, Jeff Myers - Bass/Vocals, Wes Bolen - Drums

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roots & Americana Wednesday Rally Night

September 18, 2013

Dickson Street Beer Garden Main Stage @ 4 - 11:30pm
Kicking off Bikes Blues and BBQ Downhome Style!

The best possible FREE live music in our official beer gardens for the duration of the rally.  It's Roots/Americana day in the Dickson Street Beer Garden  and we rounded up some very righteous music for you.  From pure country to roots/folk to washboard playing and flattop picking with the fabulous Ben Miller Band to driving bluegrass/general weirdness with the absolutely amazing Mountain Sprout, we’ll put some jump in your rump!  This Wednesday night line-up may very well be the most fun night we’ve ever had.   Don’t miss it!

Mountain Sprout has the look of wild all over them in their long beards and smoke and drink while they play attitudes. It is a potent combination and it works. The Quartet plays wild and loose too, sawing fiddles or trashing banjos. They inject their funny songs about weed smoking and beer drinking and fight causing with fervor and a sense of believability. - Kevin Kinder - Arkansas Democratic Gazette

Mountain Sprout
Out of Eureka, the band clearly knows this crowd and the crowd clearly knew them, singing along and dancing under the white tent. What you could feel most about Mountain Sprout is that they’re genuine — they’re not just talking about living a country life, they’re do'in it. That song about beer and not being able to find it because you’re in a backwoods dry county? That happened. That one about stinking like a turkey buzzard? I believe these boys have probably been there and will soon again. Mountain Sprout sounds just like home. And bands should always follow that modus operandi: Live what you love, sing about it. - SAM(antha) - Folk Hive

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The Ben Miller Band
The Ben Miller Band
Hailing from Joplin, Missouri, The Ben Miller Band is a one-of-a kind trio that combines the frenetic energy of bluegrass, the soul of the delta blues and the haunted spirit of Appalachian mountain music. Band members Ben Miller, Scott Leeper, and Doug Dicharry create a unique and modern sound while continuing the tradition of blending together many different musical styles, which has long been a trait of their native Ozarks.

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Foleys Van
Foleys Van
It's bluegrass... but not your Ma and Pa's.  Foleys Van formed in early June 2012 after pickin' on porches, doorsteps, and kitchen counter tops. Their fast-driving, foot-stomping, and whiskey-sippin' tunes are geared towards the newer generation of string music and they capture aspects of an assortment of genres. They also keep it traditional from time to time, performing bluegrass and old-time music using the single microphone approach.  Come on out and get in the van...

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Sarah Hughes Band
Sarah Hughes Band Singer/Songwriter Sarah Hughes is a local favorite, playing the bars and venues in the college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The powerful Southern voice anchoring her folk-rock style has drawn comparisons to Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, & Lucinda Wiliams. She draws from such diverse influences as Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, & Widespread Panic, resulting in a sound that houses traditional country storytelling in steady rhythms & strumming with some southern jam-rock on the side.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

More Rally Happily Ever Afters

What girl doesn't dream of riding down Dickson Street in her wedding dress, right? 
"The decision to get married at Bikes Blues and BBQ was a no brainer. I mean, what girl doesn't dream of riding down Dickson Street in her wedding dress, right? Not to mention, you never have to decide where to go for your Anniversary!" commented Becka Tipton.

Last BBB rally, Becka was part of a double wedding ceremony.  The four were married on the Main Stage at the Dickson Street Beer Garden on Sept.29, 2012 with  the ceremony being performed by Bikes, Blues and BBQ Executive Director, Joe Giles.  The two grooms are cousins, Shannon Tipton and Justin Rhoades.  Shannon's new bride is Becka Appleberry of Springfield, Missouri, and tying the knot with Justin is the now Tracey Rhoades, who are both from Lebanon, Missouri.  The 2012 rally was the first for the two couples to attend, and will certainly be one they will never forget!

Becka tells us, "Shannon and I own a 2002 Heritage and Justin owns a 1999 custom built Dyna. We share a love for riding and wanted our special day to reflect the kind people we are.  Our favorite part of the rally was definitely seeing all the bikes on Dickson Street at night, the hot BBQ, dirty blues, and cold beer!

We tell everyone we got married in front of 8,000 of our closest friends.

The most memorable part of our ceremony was when it came time for each of us to say "I do", we all responded with a big "HELL YEAH!"  We tell everyone we got married in front of 8,000 of our closest friends. Thanks to Bikes Blues and BBQ, and a special thanks to Joe Giles for being a part of our special day!"

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Tipton and Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rhoades, we are happy you shared your very special day with us!