Monday, September 30, 2013

A Beer Garden Wedding Story

We would like to congratulate Michael and Christina Baker of Davis, Oklahoma, who were married Main Stage in the Dickson Street Beer Garden this past rally.  We extend our heartfelt wishes to the newlyweds for a long and happy ride together!  Christina tells their story:

Michael and I met 4 years ago at the convenience store I used to manage.  He came in often and we would chat. One day he came in wearing riding gear, so I asked what he was riding.

"A Honda, you wanna a ride??" he said.  He claims I snarled my nose. "Oh, not hardly. I only ride Harley's!" I told him.  "Oh, well my Harley is in the Shop being painted!" he immediately responded.

Well, I had to get back to work, so Michael left. On his way home he thought to himself that having his Harley in the shop sounded like a line, when in fact his Fat Bob was in the shop being painted. It was about 2 weeks later that I hear a loud Harley pull into the store parking lot, it was Michael.  He came in and told me he thought I didn't believe him.  He had just gotten the bike out of the shop and rode it straight to see me. I fell in love with the bike and Michael instantly!

We dated for about a year or so and he invited me to go to BBBQ.  I was excited just to experience the event itself, but once we had gotten there Michael got down on one knee in Uber Burger on Dickson Street and proposed to me! I of course said yes!!! We planned to get married last year, but circumstances beyond our control prevented it. So, this year we brought several of our closest and dearest friends along and took the big stage vowing our love for one another and the Harley!

Our vows where as follows: "Do you, Christina and
Michael, take one another to be your best friend, faithful riding partner and your one true love, and promise to take care of one another as well as you do your leathers and ride each other as much as you do your Harley, and to love one another unconditionally, through all of your adventures in life together?!"  It was a very fitting wedding for us! It all started over a Harley and BBBQ!

Thank you for allowing us to share our special day in such an amazing way!! BBBQ rocks!!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Save the Date! September 24 - 27, 2014

  • The dates for Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2014 are September 24-27
  • Official rally merchandise is still available online, including apparel, in the online store: Click here to shop >>
  • Photos from the official rally photographer are available for viewing or purchasing at:

Scenes from Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Rally Skinny Updated

This is an abbreviated version of events you can find going on during the rally.  There are many, many details which could not fit on this flier, so be sure and look through the rally website to find more details on things to do during Bikes, Blues and BBQ!  Ride safe and have a GREAT rally!

Main Stage is on Dickson Street, Fayetteville, AR
(West side of the Walton Art Center)

Baum Motorcycle Village is 1255 Razorback Rd.

Fairgrounds are 2563 N. McConnell

Car show is at 4201 N. Shiloh

Drake field is 4500 S. School


Roadside Shooting by Rally Photographer

Bikes, Blues and BBQ Roadside Shooting by Rally Photographer Aponi Studios

Covering the entire rally's events means that Aponi will be moving around the rally extensively all four days of the event in order to document all the rally highlights and revelry.  However, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to shoot rally attendees doing what brings all of us the most satisfaction of the event; the ride!  The scenic, velvety black Arkansas roads full of twisties, switchbacks, sultry curves and rolling hills; that's where you'll find the real inspiration of the ride, the thrill that settles itself deep into your soul.  And if you can share such moments with a posse of riding buddies, it's a good that just gets better.

If you'd like to have a chance to have your photo taken by the official Bikes, Blues and BBQ photographer while experiencing some of the regions' most beautiful roads, check out the roadside shooting schedule below and be sure to wave as you pass by!  (Look for the photographer wearing an orange vest shooting by a tall roadside cone!)

Many photos shot during the rally will appear on the Bikes, Blues and BBQ website, blog, Facebook and marketing materials.  You may also choose to purchase rally photography as digital files or fine art prints from Aponi's website:

Laurie Harris, aka Aponi
2013 marks the 4th consecutive year Aponi has shot for Bikes, Blues and BBQ.  This year she also performed as our Facebook admin, Blog author and graphic artist.  Aponi shoots motorcycle, equine and adventure photography.  She is also a social media expert, graphic artist and web designer.  She has worked strictly freelance for the past 7 years from her studio presently located at her Lincoln ranch, Baron Fork Ridge, where she also hosts competitive equine events. States Aponi, "Shooting Bikes, Blues and BBQ is the highlight of the year.  The excitement, the rumble of the bikes, the many great friends I've met along the way and the enjoyment of everyone involved, it never stops being a photographer's paradise!"

Roadside Shoot Schedule

Thursday - Pig Trail
9:30am - Noon
Pig Trail, HWY 23 Ozark Nt'l Forest
Will be shooting between Mulberry Mountain Ranch and north to the entrance of the Nat'l Forest

Friday - Beaver Lake Bridge
10am - Noon
Firefighter's Poker Run on the Beaver Lake Bridge, Rogers
HWY 12 on the East end

Saturday - Lake Wedington & Arkansas State Line
10:00am - 11am / Firefighter's Poker Run, Lake Wedington on HWY 16

11:30am - Noon / Firefighter's Poker Run, Arkansas State Line on HWY 62 at the "Welcome to Arkansas" sign


Riding: It's all in the Family

The Martins; Tonia, Emilyn, Cam
and Craig
For the Martin family of NW Arkansas, motorcycles are a family affair, going back several generations. Craig and Tonia Martin, along with their two children Emilyn and Cam, ages 10 and 11, are all expecting to be at Bikes, Blues and BBQ this year.  They will be riding in on a Honda Shadow and a Harley Road King Custom with the children, properly helmeted, taking their places behind mom and dad. 

Motorcycles have been a big part of the family's life for as long as they can remember. Both Craig and Tonia have grown up with families who ride, and both have followed in their parents' footsteps. These days riding continues to be very much a part of this family's life. Craig's father and brother, along with other family members, rode in from Illinois last year and are already packed and ready to ride down again for the rally this year.

"The rally has become an opportunity for us to get together and have a great time," Tonia tells us. "We love BB&BBQ because there are things for all ages and it is family friendly, so our family can spend
 Phil Martin (left) with Cam Martin riding, Richie Martin
(right) with Emilyn Martin riding
much needed time together having fun. My son Cam's favorite part are the stunt shows. My daughter Emilyn just loves being on the bikes. My husband loves the vendors and I enjoy the rides and family time. Every year we have more and more people hooked to the rally, and our group is growing fast. I love riding up through Eureka Spring and doing a loop to Fayetteville. I love the way NW Arkansas welcomes and embraces all the bikes and look forward to many more years of memories in the future!"

Craig Martin with his son Cam
 "We attended Bikes, Blues and BBQ for the first
time in 2009," Tonia continues, "and haven't missed a year since! We look forward to this rally every year. I take off work for the entire event, and since we've been attending and telling everyone we know back home about it, we now have several people that come up and attend it with us, including my brother-in-law's motorcycle club. This really is an event for all people with lots to do and great opportunities for breathtaking views and memories for a lifetime."

Originally from Granite City, Illinois, the family moved to NWA in 2007 and opened a small body and mechanic shop in Garfield, Arkansas; ALL Automotive.  Tonia and Craig have been married for twelve years.  This seems to be one case where the cliche speaks true; the family who plays together, stays together.  Or should we say ride?

The Martins left to right, Philip Sr., Craig, Cam,
Emilyn, Tonia & Richie
Parents wondering what points of interest the rally may hold for their young enthusiasts will have no difficulty finding plenty of fun, exciting, thrilling and even educational activities during the rally.  Drake Field offers Bikes, Blues and Bombers where families can see, tour and even fly in the world's only flying B-29 Super fortress.  The Washington County Fairgrounds is holding the traditional BBQ contest with opportunities for tasting and judging.  Also at the fairgrounds will be bike games and lawn mower pulls, something every kid and kid-at-heart is sure to enjoy.  Baum Stadium offers helicopter rides, train rides, and the United FMX Stunt bike team who will perform 40' leaps into the air!  Be sure to visit the NWA Mall for the Classic Cars Show, Friday at 6 pm there will even be a classic cars parade down College and Dickson.  Saturday on Dickson there will be the Stokes Air Bike Show and Battle of the Bikes, minors are welcome in the beer garden for the show before 6 pm with an adult.  At 4 pm the very exciting Parade of Power will proceed from the fairgrounds and down Dickson Street.  Between events, enjoy a bounty of shopping and amazing festival sweets and treats of which there will be plenty!


Monday, September 16, 2013

A Rally With A Cause

Last January the Fayetteville Town Center hosted a night of gaiety and giving, courtesy of all the people who worked to make the 2012 rally a success. During the event, representatives of the various charities chosen for last year's funding were presented with their checks totaling over $185,000.

All funding is the direct result of revenues from the rally.  Bikes Blues and BBQ is the nation’s largest charity driven rally, accounting for well over a half million dollars generated for local charities in its brief 13 year existence.
"2012 Bikes Blues and BBQ Generated Over $185,000 for Local Charities"
Having grown from a modest beginning, BBB has risen to the status of one of the most important events, nationally, for the motorcycle industry.  The rally’s economic impact upon the state was estimated by a 2005 economic impact statement prepared by the Walton College of Business of the University of Arkansas to be between 35 and 50 million dollars.  Since that time, BBB has grown exponentially, as has its monetary contribution to the local, regional, and state economy.

A few of the charities that benefited from the 2012 rally include Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas, The Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club and the Seven Hills Homeless Center.  

"It’s through events and corporate relationships that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas can achieve our success. Since every mentoring relationship costs our agency $1000 per year to make and maintain, you can realize how important support from Bikes Blues and BBQ is to us and we are honored to be a continued partner of this amazing festival!"

This year, 20 non-profit organizations will be set up at Bikes, Blues & BBQ selling goods and collecting donations.  These local charities include:

  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters of NWA
  • Big House Youth Outreach, Inc.
  • Camp Sunshine Burn Camp for Children
  • CASA of NWA
  • Fayetteville Band Boosters
  • Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club
  • Horses for Healing
  • Jackson Graves Foundation
  • Jones TV
  • Life Source International
  • NWA Child Care Resource & Referral Center
  • NWA Economic Development District- Meals on Wheels
  • NWA Free Health Center
  • Ozark Military Museum
  • Pagnozzi Charities
  • Peace at Home Shelter
  • 7 Hills Homeless Shelter
  • Sheriff Ralph Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Single Parent Scholarship Fund
  • Southeast Fayetteville Community Center
  • Youth Bridge
This year’s rally will feature the most diverse range of attractions yet, including something for almost everyone.  The NWA Mall will be home to the 2nd Annual Classic Cars Show.  The Baum Stadium Motorcycle Village will have dozens of vendors, demo rides of the newest motorcycle models, a special ladies’ area, and helicopter rides, as well as the very exciting stunt bikes leaping 40' in the air.  The Washington County Fairgrounds will host Kansas City BBQ Society Arkansas State BBQ Championship as well as free live music, lawn mower pulls, karaoke contests, and bike games.  Drake Field will be holding Bikes, Blues and Bombers where patrons can see, tour and even ride in the world's only flying B-29 Super fortress.  Traditional events such as the two Fayetteville Fire Fighter's Poker Runs and greatly anticipated Parade of Power will also be held. And finally, Dickson Street will be alive for four days with bikes shows, vendors, live music, a beauty pageant, and train rides.

While exact numbers are impossible to ascertain, it is estimated that from a regional standpoint, the rally accounts for approximately 400,000 attendees.

For more on the charities at Bikes, Blues & BBQ, visit:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baum Stadium Motorcycle Village

Spectators can expect to see dirt bikes 40 feet off the ground and jumping 75 feet in distance by the United FMX Stunt Team, who will be performing Thursday through Saturday at Baum Stadium.  This will be a very exciting event for the entire family to enjoy! 

To sign up for the Fayetteville Fire Fighters Poker Runs, you may do so online until midnight on Friday, 9/13/13. After that you can register at the Firefighter's tents located at the corner of Dickson and West or at the start of the poker run at Baum Stadium.  Both the Poker Runs scheduled for Friday and Saturday will start at Baum Stadium.  More info:

The Blues Train, brought to you by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, will be running Thursday-Saturday of the rally.  It will be departing on the half hour from Baum Stadium.  Fare is $3.00 per person each way.

Crumpton Aviation, LLC will be available again this year for helicopter rides, what a great way to see the rally!  Prices vary according to the day/time, departing from Baum Stadium.  LIKE them on Facebook or visit their website >>

There will also be tons of vendors, fantastic demos by Harley Davidson, Indian, Victory and Yamaha, as well as loads of food to choose from including Gyro's, burgers, brats, roasted corn, funnel cakes, Soul Food, tacos and much more!


Events at the Fairgrounds: Updated Schedule!

Originally scheduled to offer rides out of the Fairgrounds, Arkansas Helicopters has just let us know they will not be available at the Fairgrounds but have moved to a more convenient location on College. Be sure to look for them at 3401 N. College just south of Milsap Rd. next to Lewis Ford and get a bird's eye view of the rally! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

United FMX Stunt Team Show

United FMX is based out of Jefferson City, MO.  The group has been performing professionally for 8 years, and have been to 7 different countries. United FMX is a freestyle motocross group that travels world wide. "We were the first team to perform in Jamaica in 2011 and the country of Haiti in 2012.  We are very excited to be performing at BBBQ for the first time," says team owner, and FMX performer, Terry Russell.

"Spectators can expect to see dirt bikes 40 feet off the ground and jumping 75 feet in distance. Expect  to see us performing such tricks as the superman, kiss of death, and cliffhanger, among many more.  We will be performing at lake Ozark bike fest the weekend before BBBQ, and plan on bringing that same high energy for an even better performance to BBBQ 2013.  We have most recently been featured on the Travel Channel Show Truck Stop USA, where we jumped over our freightliner motor coach with our dirt bikes.  Who knows, if space allows it, we will try the same daring feat at BBBQ 2013.  Please come by and check out one of our 7 performances throughout the weekend," Terry tells us.

For many the stunt bikes are the highlight of the rally.  We are proud to be able to bring the United FMX Stunt Team Show to Bikes, Blues and BBQ this year and can't wait to see what they have in store for the crowds!

United FMX Stunt Team Show Schedule
Baum Stadium Motorcycle Village

Thursday Show
6:00 pm

Friday Shows
11:00 am
2:00 pm
5:00 pm

Saturday Shows
11:00 am
2:00 pm
5:00 pm

More information online:
Visit FMX on Facebook >>


Monday, September 9, 2013

Roadside Shooting 5 Years Strong

Meet Joe Skaggs, a motorcyclist and action photographer.  Joe became interested in motorcycles about 35 years ago after acquiring his first motorcycle in a trade for a 1971 Volkswagen bus.  He has been riding and taking photos ever since, mostly for enjoyment.  His enjoyment turned to business in 2009 when he created his current roadside photography venue; Ride Pics.  The inspiration for this turn occurred after riding the "Tail of the Dragon" near Deals Gap, North Carolina, a stretch of highway that boasts 311 curves in 11 miles.  "The evening after riding the Tail of the Dragon, I told my riding buddy I could take photos like the fellows we passed that day while riding.  Those photographers were set up at several hairpin curves taking photos as quickly as the bikers rolled by.  Many Arkansas roads are ideally suited for this," states Joe.  This was Joe's chance to combine both his passions.

For the past five years, Joe sets up and takes photo images of motorcyclists as they ride past his location near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  He is found on location during most holidays and on many weekends throughout the riding season.  While several area roadside shooters have come and gone over time, Joe has become a time tested regular whom thousands of bikers have become familiar with seeing along the highway.  A typical day of shooting will consist of Joe and his lawn chair,  thermos, banners and truck parked beside the road with his Nikon at the ready.  On some days, there is time for relaxing and daydreaming between bikes passing by, while on other days the flow of motorcycles is a steady or intermittent stream.  During the rally, the flow is heavy and the shooting stream can get pretty wild, but the excitement seems to be enjoyed by Joe, he takes it all in stride and just keeps shooting year after year.

Joe attempts to photograph every motorcycle passing by his location, and then posts them for review and purchase on his website.  This year will be his fifth year shooting during the Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally.  Joe will be set up approximately 8 miles west of Eureka Springs along HWY 62. Watch for his banners along the highway, be sure to wave and smile!

Visit Ride Pics online:


Two True Loves: Being a Nurse and Riding a Motorcycle

Interview with Kerry York of Houston, MO

"The year was 2006 and we were attending our first Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally. I was totally awestruck with Fayetteville, Arkansas. As my partner and I rounded a curve, from the back of the bike I saw the most awesome, raked out white and yellow chopper with a LADY RIDER sitting back, stretched out in a string tied tank top. WOW. I thought, "I wish I could look like her, I wish I could be her!!" One year later, thanks to the inspiration, I had my own raked out bike and was making my own history. 18 months and 30K miles down the road, I was on my way. I have my third bike now, and working on 60K. She's a HD Road Queen named Black Betty, and I owe it all to that first lady rider who inspired me to go for it!

Kerry and her husband, Jay
My husband Jay and I ride in from Missouri; Texas county at Houston! Since our first rally in '06 we have attended 5 more BBB rallies.  Jay and I were married that year at an outdoor wedding surrounded by bikes and biker buds. Our wedding cake was even a Harley Davidson cake. I first rode motorcycles in 2006 as a passenger and then bought my own in 2007.  I chose my first bike because it was shiny and blue. When they delivered it I asked the man to show me where the gas and brakes were, as well as how to shift it. He said "Lady, just let me put it in your garage." I told him, "Nope, I am learning to ride."  And I rode it that day. Flash forward 15 months and I had 30k under my belt. Ride I did. I have ridden to the highest peak in Tennessee at dawn, Clingman's Dome in the Smokies and to the most southern point at Key West, Florida. Some of my favorite places, however, are in Arkansas, because of the views and twisties, as well as being a helmet free state."

Kerry is a registered nurse.  She combines her two true loves, being a nurse and riding a motorcycle.  Kerry uses her bike to visit home bound patients across the Ozarks as a nurse for Home Health of the Ozarks.  "I usually tell my patients I'll be riding a motorcycle, so they don't grab a gun and get scared when a motorcycle pulls up," says Kerry.  But not everyone shys away from Kerry's bike, some rode when they were young and enjoy sharing stories with Kerry.  Whether it's summer or winter, Kerry drives her motorcycle 12 months out of the year.

"I love Fayetteville Bikes, Blues and BBQ because of the ride down through Eureka Springs, the concerts, the vendors at the track, the demo rides and the trick riders show. The Parade of Power is an event every rider should experience. The roar of the engines is so extreme I can hear it now! One year my husband and I dressed up for the parade.  He donned a long grey wig and I wore a painted mask! We got a lot if looks, but it's always fun! Of course we eat at AQ chicken house every year and love it. I could gush on and on about this rally. You have to come and experience it and catch the cycle fever yourself! When folks ask me if I have been to Sturgis, I always tell them, "No,  but I've been to Bikes, Blues and BBQ which is just as good or better!"


Saturday, September 7, 2013

2nd Annual Classic Cars Show

Customs, street rods, vintage treasures, we’ve got it all! We’ve even got a category featuring custom bicycles by young builders. Vendors, DJ, special awards, everything that goes with a great car show. That’s because this is a GREAT car show!  Come to see or come to show, it's still early and we already have twice as many cars registered as last year.  It's looking more and more like the Classic Cars Show is earning a permanent role in the nation's largest charity motorcycle rally.

Pre-registration has now closed. Registration forms can be found online from this page:


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saturday on Dickson in the Main Street Beer Garden

Saturday, September 21 on Dickson Street at the Beer Garden on Main Stage, join us for a rock n roll dance party night.  We’re closing the show that night with the fabulous Big James and the Chicago Playboys, just one of the best R and B dance bands to come out of the Windy City.  Big James is a six-time Living Blues Magazine Critics Choice Award Winner. Five Time Nominated Blues Music Award Winner.

Saturday's lineup kicks off at 3:30 pm with 'Another Fine Mess' playing 80's rock with an edge.  They will be followed by the 'Uncrowned Kings', a Fayetteville local all-star band.  Erica Blinn brings hot rock n roll from Columbus, Ohio followed by another local Dickson Street favorite, Joe Giles and the Homewreckers.  Big James and the Chicago Playboys will be closing down the lineup for the evening but it won't be time to roll up the sidewalks yet!  At midnight, just after the bands, we'll be holding the Miss Bikes, Blues and BBQ Bikini Contest.  It's going to be a great party!

"James Montgomery proves he has emotional strength worthy of a major-league bluesman." DOWNBEAT

The Playboys have now developed into a disciplined unit that is drawing comparisons to James Brown's former rhythm-intensive backing band, and are tearing up packed houses at home and across both seas. They continue to put the Chicago Playboys' name up on some of the biggest marquees and festival stages in the world. Big James Montgomery and Charlie Kimble first teamed up around 1990 and accompanied Johnny Christian throughout the early 1990s and backed him on his 1993 recording on the Big Boy label.

Led by trombonist and vocalist Montgomery, the Chicago Playboys today are comprised of Charlie Kimble on saxophone, Kenny Anderson trumpet, Joe Blocker keyboards, Mike Wheeler guitar and vocals, Larry Williams bass, Cleo Cole drums and Theresa Davis backup vocals. Each member brings to the Playboys his or her unique skill and experiences earned working behind some of the top names in the fields of blues, soul and gospel. The Playboys have cohered into a hermetically tight, unrelenting juggernaut of blues, R&B and soul power. When the Chicago Playboys take the stage, they morph into a virtual wrecking-crew of funk and blues-Chicago style.

Big James and Chicago Playboys have won the Living Blues magazine annual Critics' Poll for Most Outstanding Horns in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, and received award nominations in 2002, 2006 and 2008 from the Blues Foundation (formerly the W.C. Handy Awards). In addition they won the 2008 Prix Blues from the Académie du Jazz for their last Jamot release, "Thank God I Got the Blues", a song which is also in the movie "Cleaner" starring Samuel Jackson and Eva Mendes.

"But I don't play music to win awards," states Montgomery with characteristic frankness, "I play music 'cause I love it, and it comes from my heart."

Big James on the Web... | Youtube... | Listen more...

The most versatile dance/party band you've ever heard. Classic rock, disco, funk, R and B, blues, Motown, and country!  Twice the Ozark Music Awards (OMA) "DANCE PARTY BAND OF THE YEAR".  Twice the OMA's "ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR".  Winners of the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards' "BEST ROCK BAND".

Joe Giles - Vocals, Russ Hutchison - Vocals/Guitar, Mike Niccum - Vocals/Bass, Johny Arredondo - Drums

Homewreckers on the Web... | Homewreckers on Facebook... | Videos...

“This is Midwestern, heartland rock ‘n’ roll with nods to other no-nonsense female band leaders like Chrissie Hynde and Pat Benatar. If that’s your bread, Blinn is your butter.” -The Other Paper, Done Waiting, Joel Oliphint

Over the last year, Blinn shared stages with names like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Royal Southern Brotherhood & Devon Allman just to name a few. September 2013 finds Blinn touring to promote the first single, Whiskey Kisses, off recently completed LP Lovers In The Dust due out in January 2014. Burning gas in the tank and scorching crowds on a nightly basis, Blinn and her raucous backing band The Handsome Machine will be hitting up stages all across the USA.

Erica on the Web... | Find Erica on Facebook... | Erica on Youtube...

The coming together of four of Northwest Arkansas' most prolific and long-running bands: Oreo Blue, Big Bad Bubba, Big'uns and the TJ Scarlett Band. These musicians have stripped themselves of their rightful places as leaders of their respective bands to form a musical collective whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Uncrowned Kings are spearheaded by the region's most powerful vocalist, Darren Ray on bass, scintillating guitar by TJ Scarlett, yeoman-like solid drums by Stephen Boudreaux, and masterful keyboards by Carl Thomas. Four-part vocals lie comfortably atop a veteran group of award-winning musicians. Able to cover a dizzying array of genres, The Uncrowned Kings are most suited to deliver high-energy polished rock and roll directly to your soul.

Members: Darren Ray, vocals/bass, Stephen Boudreaux, drums/vocals, TJ Scarlett, guitars/vocals, Carl Thomas, keyboards/vocals

Find the Kings on the Web...Find the Kings on Facebook... | On Youtube...

Another Fine Mess is made up of: Shelby and Brett Rheam, Marty McNeal, Mercedees Rheam. James Hackler and Rob Schmitt.  We play an eclectic mix of dance music selected from the late 60’s to today.  We base our selections on what gets people moving and grooving, what our audiences have asked for, popular movie soundtracks and Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Top 500 of All Time” list.  We provide a professional “show” incorporating a full intelligent moving light rig.  Our traveling gear consists of a JBL PA system as well as Yamaha LS9 console.  We want to entertain you and help to make your event a success.  We are all mature musicians that play because we love music and entertaining people.

Another Fine Mess is just playing around! Other than playing in local establishments, we have also played some notable gigs such as Wal-Mart Shareholders each year since 2007, as well as WinFest and Bikes, Blues and BBQ each year since 2008.

AFM on the Web... | AFM on Facebook... | AFM on Reverbernation...