Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Roadside Shooting by Rally Photographer

Bikes, Blues and BBQ Roadside Shooting by Rally Photographer Aponi Studios

Covering the entire rally's events means that Aponi will be moving around the rally extensively all four days of the event in order to document all the rally highlights and revelry.  However, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to shoot rally attendees doing what brings all of us the most satisfaction of the event; the ride!  The scenic, velvety black Arkansas roads full of twisties, switchbacks, sultry curves and rolling hills; that's where you'll find the real inspiration of the ride, the thrill that settles itself deep into your soul.  And if you can share such moments with a posse of riding buddies, it's a good that just gets better.

If you'd like to have a chance to have your photo taken by the official Bikes, Blues and BBQ photographer while experiencing some of the regions' most beautiful roads, check out the roadside shooting schedule below and be sure to wave as you pass by!  (Look for the photographer wearing an orange vest shooting by a tall roadside cone!)

Many photos shot during the rally will appear on the Bikes, Blues and BBQ website, blog, Facebook and marketing materials.  You may also choose to purchase rally photography as digital files or fine art prints from Aponi's website: www.shotbyaponi.com

Laurie Harris, aka Aponi
2013 marks the 4th consecutive year Aponi has shot for Bikes, Blues and BBQ.  This year she also performed as our Facebook admin, Blog author and graphic artist.  Aponi shoots motorcycle, equine and adventure photography.  She is also a social media expert, graphic artist and web designer.  She has worked strictly freelance for the past 7 years from her studio presently located at her Lincoln ranch, Baron Fork Ridge, where she also hosts competitive equine events. States Aponi, "Shooting Bikes, Blues and BBQ is the highlight of the year.  The excitement, the rumble of the bikes, the many great friends I've met along the way and the enjoyment of everyone involved, it never stops being a photographer's paradise!"

Roadside Shoot Schedule

Thursday - Pig Trail
9:30am - Noon
Pig Trail, HWY 23 Ozark Nt'l Forest
Will be shooting between Mulberry Mountain Ranch and north to the entrance of the Nat'l Forest

Friday - Beaver Lake Bridge
10am - Noon
Firefighter's Poker Run on the Beaver Lake Bridge, Rogers
HWY 12 on the East end

Saturday - Lake Wedington & Arkansas State Line
10:00am - 11am / Firefighter's Poker Run, Lake Wedington on HWY 16

11:30am - Noon / Firefighter's Poker Run, Arkansas State Line on HWY 62 at the "Welcome to Arkansas" sign