Monday, September 9, 2013

Two True Loves: Being a Nurse and Riding a Motorcycle

Interview with Kerry York of Houston, MO

"The year was 2006 and we were attending our first Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally. I was totally awestruck with Fayetteville, Arkansas. As my partner and I rounded a curve, from the back of the bike I saw the most awesome, raked out white and yellow chopper with a LADY RIDER sitting back, stretched out in a string tied tank top. WOW. I thought, "I wish I could look like her, I wish I could be her!!" One year later, thanks to the inspiration, I had my own raked out bike and was making my own history. 18 months and 30K miles down the road, I was on my way. I have my third bike now, and working on 60K. She's a HD Road Queen named Black Betty, and I owe it all to that first lady rider who inspired me to go for it!

Kerry and her husband, Jay
My husband Jay and I ride in from Missouri; Texas county at Houston! Since our first rally in '06 we have attended 5 more BBB rallies.  Jay and I were married that year at an outdoor wedding surrounded by bikes and biker buds. Our wedding cake was even a Harley Davidson cake. I first rode motorcycles in 2006 as a passenger and then bought my own in 2007.  I chose my first bike because it was shiny and blue. When they delivered it I asked the man to show me where the gas and brakes were, as well as how to shift it. He said "Lady, just let me put it in your garage." I told him, "Nope, I am learning to ride."  And I rode it that day. Flash forward 15 months and I had 30k under my belt. Ride I did. I have ridden to the highest peak in Tennessee at dawn, Clingman's Dome in the Smokies and to the most southern point at Key West, Florida. Some of my favorite places, however, are in Arkansas, because of the views and twisties, as well as being a helmet free state."

Kerry is a registered nurse.  She combines her two true loves, being a nurse and riding a motorcycle.  Kerry uses her bike to visit home bound patients across the Ozarks as a nurse for Home Health of the Ozarks.  "I usually tell my patients I'll be riding a motorcycle, so they don't grab a gun and get scared when a motorcycle pulls up," says Kerry.  But not everyone shys away from Kerry's bike, some rode when they were young and enjoy sharing stories with Kerry.  Whether it's summer or winter, Kerry drives her motorcycle 12 months out of the year.

"I love Fayetteville Bikes, Blues and BBQ because of the ride down through Eureka Springs, the concerts, the vendors at the track, the demo rides and the trick riders show. The Parade of Power is an event every rider should experience. The roar of the engines is so extreme I can hear it now! One year my husband and I dressed up for the parade.  He donned a long grey wig and I wore a painted mask! We got a lot if looks, but it's always fun! Of course we eat at AQ chicken house every year and love it. I could gush on and on about this rally. You have to come and experience it and catch the cycle fever yourself! When folks ask me if I have been to Sturgis, I always tell them, "No,  but I've been to Bikes, Blues and BBQ which is just as good or better!"