Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Rally Tale from Harrison, Arkansas

Robert and Kim Humphries
By Robert and Kim Humphries of Harrison, Arkansas

Last year, 2012, was our first time going to the Bikes Blues & BBQ Rally and it was Amazing! We had a nice ride coming in from Harrison, Arkansas with 5 other bikes, and we picked up more bikers along the way. By the time we arrived at the car show at the mall, we were a pack of 20 plus bikes! We made some new friends and enjoyed the festivities from the Mall to the Fairgrounds to Dickson Street. We participated in the Parade which was also very awesome indeed. We looked forward all year to coming to the event again this year, and made plans to have another large group of bikes to ride along, as well as meet up with some friends coming down from St. Louis, Missouri.  

This year, 2013, I took the week off during the rally.  We arrived on Wednesday, opening day.  The overall experience this year was much better since we had more time.  We met up with some friends from Kansas City that came down for their first time at the Rally, since I had been talking about it all year!  I took advantage of the test rides at the Yamaha Vendor booth and rode the new V-Stars.  On the way home from Bikes Blues and BBQ, I stopped by my local Yamaha shop and purchased a 2009 V-Star 950.  I can't wait to ride it to the rally next year.