Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Man Trip

By 'Countdown Bob' Greer, Kansas City, MO

'Countdown Bob'
Our story started almost four years ago.  My best friend Eric McColgin and I decided to plan a 'Man Trip' to Sturgis. First, we had to buy our bikes while saving the money for the trip. We had a carefully thought out plan; 1) buy the bikes 2) ride them to Sturgis.

What we hadn't planned on were layoffs at work, or my friends wife getting cancer and the months of treatment she would be required to undergo. I stuck to the plan but refused to go without Eric, so we put the trip off until the time was right and we could go together. Another year went by and Eric's wife recovered. He bought his bike, and somehow our man trip began turning into a family vacation. Not cool!

Eric McColgin
The man trip started out just Eric and myself, as neither of our wives wanted any part of Sturgis.  My wife, Vickie, and I had spent our 35th anniversary in Eureka springs in 2012.  It was during this trip that we learned about Bikes, Blues and BBQ.  As time drew closer to the actual trip it slowly turned to a family vacation. You know the deal, can we stop here, can we go here, can we stay here for the night. Sturgis just wasn't working, so our 'Man Trip' turned into a family vacation to Bikes, Blues and BBQ. As rally time grew closer the girls became as excited about Fayetteville as we were. There was no stopping it.

Bob and Vickie
We laid out our plan for Fayetteville and stuck to it. We reserved our rooms, saved our money and dreamed.  As we did, our road crew began to grow.  We met Ace and Paula at a rally in KC and another friendship was born. Then, our friends Tom and Sandy bought a Heritage, and yet another couple came on board.  By now our group had grown to eight. No kids!  Almost the whole year I counted down the days to the rally, and by accident I became known as 'Countdown Bob' by the folks at BBB.  All of us have ridden bikes in the past, or all our lives. Due to circumstances along the way, we got away from it. So for each of us, this 'man trip turned family vacation' had significant meaning.

From left to right, Bonnie, Eric, Paula,
Ace, Vickie, Bob, Tom and Sandy. 
Finally, the day had come to make the trip to Fayetteville.  Our wives, Vickie and Bonnie, drove the car for back up.  The rest of us rode with heads held high and big ass smiles. When we arrived, it was absolutely everything we had imagined; the people, the roads, the scenery, everything. We road the Pig Trail, we ate good food, met awesome people, seen awesome bikes. We already have our cabins reserved for next year in Devils Den State Park, and making plans for a friends and family vacation.  This time we are staying till its over, we don't want to miss anything.

And by the way; 275 days 7 hours and 36 minutes and counting!