Wednesday, April 2, 2014

He's Showing Me the World

Troy and Robin Gonzalez of Aztec, NM
"Bikers, unfortunately, have a bad rep.  But when you get to Dickson Street and are able to see these kind hearted people enjoying the music, dancing and food at the rally, its just such a family feeling!  The atmosphere on Dickson is one big family BBQ. My husband and I want to hit every Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally we can!" says Robin Gonzalez of Aztec, New Mexico.

Robin grew up in New Mexico, and before she met her biker husband, Troy, she had never left the state.  Since then, Troy has been showing Robin the world from their 2002 Kawasaki Ninja, painted by Troy himself, sporting a custom swing arm.

Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2010 was the first rally Troy and Robin went to together.  Since then they have attended 5 other rallies in different states, and are looking forward to returning to Fayetteville, Arkansas for this year's rally.

"It was amazing," Robin tells us, "I thoroughly enjoyed seeing things I've never seen before.  The concerts were the best, I'm a rocker through and through!  The Blues Bikes & BBQ rally made me want more more more!"

Troy at the Razorback Stadium during BBB 2010
Troy is originally from Arkansas, and has attended many Bikes, Blues and BBQ rallies in the past.  He proposed to Robin while they were on a bike trip to Mission Beach, California.  They were married in 2012, and last year started their own business doing what they both love; No Coast Customz, a custom body shop.  Troy inherited his love of restoring old cars and custom painting from his father.  Robin has a background in management, so the two work really well together and enjoy a busy life.  Together they have six kids ranging in age from 5 to 19, and each and every one are involved in some way helping.  The family's current project is building a three story tree fort.

The sign for the Gonzalez's business;
 No Coast Customz
Due to starting their new business, they missed last year's rally but are excited to travel back to Arkansas for this year's events and plan not to miss anything!  Robin tells us, "Since my husband and I have been together we enjoy life on our bike.  We get away as much as we can and travel anywhere the bike will take us.  It's our getaway and time that we enjoy. I am blessed to have such a great guy, who on a moments notice will jump on the bike and go, just to make me feel better.  Once, we even traveled 450 miles in the rain to see my favorite singer, Bret Michaels!"

Troy, showing Robin the world
from their Kawasaki Ninja
"We both very highly recommend Bikes, Blues and BBQ to any family," Robin continues, "in fact, we are riding through Texas this year to pick up some friends who will join us.  This will be their first year to attend the rally.  I can not wait to go! Branson and the glass church were among our favorite stops.  All the roads in the area were breathtaking, perfect country side.  Our favorite aspects of the rally were the music, food and people.  You couldn't ask for better people to be with.  To the folks at BBBQ, I wouldn't change a thing, you guys are doing a great job!"