Monday, September 29, 2014

Tshirt Winners

The following have each won 2014 Official Rally Tshrits: Brandon Randall, Scott Philips and Teresa Blaker Cox.  Congratulations!  The official tshirts are designed and produced by Southern Trend Clothing and will be shipped directly to the winners.  To claim your winning tshirts, please send your shipping information, tshirt size and phone number to  Winners may be verified.  Tshirt style to be selected by Southern Trend Clothing from among 2014 rally apparel.

Thank you to all who joined us for this year's rally, and we appreciate all your good comments and feedback.  We are happy to hear you all had a great time!  See you next year!

The following three have won Official Rally Tshirts:

Brandon Randall, MO
AWESOME !! AWESOME !! AWESOME!!! This was my 1st BBB. Rode down Friday with 20 great friends and what am awesome experience. Stopped at Rogers at Harley Davidson, then onto Fayetteville and straight to Dickson st. The amount of bikes and people was overwhelming. GREAT BBB AND GREAT MEMORIES!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR

Scott Phillips, Hollister, FL
It was our first BBB Rally and it was the first time ever the family got to ride together. Thanks for the incredible memories...

Teresa Blaker Cox, San Antonio, TX
First timers and having a GREAT time! Weather is perfect and everyone is so nice!

Some additional comments from rally attendees:

Melissa Blevins Coates, Missouri
A great escape for the 4 of us that down. We are all volunteer firefighters and this is the one time of year we put all the craziness on hold, relax and enjoy ourselves. Such a great event. Our 3rd year and look forward to many more to come.

Stan Bey, Lakeland, TN
1st time there but will be back for sure! Had a great time

Cheri Rogers Honea, Lewisville, TX
First but not last visit. Loved being a part of something so BIG. Bikers are an awesome group of people!

Michelle Day, Louisiana, MO
BB&BBQ is tons of fun and all for good causes! This was our 3rd year and each year we keep adding couples. Next year we are bringing 2 more couples with us. We love all the events and love Arkansas itself. Calling in 2 weeks to make our reservations for 2015! Thanks for all the hard work by everyone to make it possible.

Spencer Blanchette, Chicago, IL
This was our first time there, and we will definitely be back for more!! A big thank you to everyone who sets up and runs a great rally, and to the people of Fayetteville for a great week!!

Teresa Boleyn Loll, TX
BBBBQ is amazing. Great people, great rides, great weather this year! Only our second year but wont miss again if we can help it! Great job Fayetteville and the surrounding communities for welcoming all us bikers and showing us a fantastic long weekend! Until next year....

Derrick Rose Warren of Little Rock, AR
This is my first year to make it. My bike was only 4 years old when this event started. She's still just as beautiful as the day I got her though and both of us are looking forward to making the ride to Fayetteville in the morning.

Brenda Sofia
I've yet to make the rally, but my sweetie has been there. His BB&B Rally t-shirt was his favorite. He wrecked on some loose gravel a couple of years ago (while wearing said shirt) & they cut if off at the scene. I think he was more pissed about that than he was about the bike or his busted scapula & ribs!

Beryl Lynn Castania of Texas
When I lived in Northwest Arkansas I never missed a BBB rally. I always had fun on Dickson Street especially when BBB was going on.  I am in Texas now and have not been able to go for the last few years but I will return again soon may God bless and be with the ones that are riding to this one. Ride safe but have a blast.

Shelley Justason, Kansas City, MO
Spent our honey last year here and we are at the fairgrounds this year. 250 miles Kansas city mo is our home. This year made it through back surgery to make this ride thank god

HR Jimmy Baker, F'ville
So cool to sit in my living room and hear hundreds maybe thousands of BIKERS going to the BLUES and knowing they will eat BBQ. Always the best time of year. I don't have a Harley, but let me tell you I most certainly have killer dreams at night especially hearing all the BIKES going by during the day. ENJOY EVERYBODY! BE SAFE!

Echo Jensen Krause, Missouri
Best Rally I've ever been to everyone's so friendly cant help but have a good time!

Bob Frakes, Girard, KS
Can't wait to get there.going Saturday this will be my 10th trip in a row to bbbq.

Stacy Vandever Parks, F'ville
I love that it usually falls on our wedding anniversary (9/28). I love that we can bring our daughter. She loves it all. She has gone with us every year since she was born(6). We love the music, the food, all the vendors. We only have GREAT memories, and are so thankful that something this charitable and fun is held in our town!! Keep up the good work, BBBBQ!!!

James Logan, Vienna, MO
It was my first year , awesome seen any bike I wanted to see ate every bit of BBQ I could . If you aren't there next year, your lose sucker!!!!