Monday, May 11, 2015

I've Been to the Rally with a Group with No Name

Kathy Rice having a nice nap
By Kathy Rice

We are a no named group with no rules.  Our group consists of professionals in railroading, accounting, teaching, ministry, security, medical and retirees. The group began in 2000 when the first couple attended BBBQ and bike parking was down the center-line of Dickson Street.  Growing to a group of 17 we range from ages 49 to 68, residing in Benton, Bryant, Cabot, Conway and Maumelle. We consist of two unmarried couples and upward to a couple with 28 years of marriage.  Our bike preferences vary just as much as our personalities and our opinions, which make for a canvas of many years of memories.  We are the more matured, responsible generation, but we look forward to our one week annually at BBBQ so we can let our hair down (what hair we have anymore).

Friends to the end
We are fortunate to stay in the same rooms each year in Springdale and are able to register for the next year upon check out.  It is a place we can call home with a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, partying, deck conversations and bike cleaning all on the same site.

We harbor bad backs, bad knees, cancer survivors and cancer patients.  We have ridden so many trips and know one another so well we can read what is approaching by a hand movement, the lift of a foot or the turn of a head.  Most importantly, we know when someone is in need.  We are close knit.

Our trips consist of travels to Sturgis for some, a 31-hour straight ride to Utah by one individual, New Mexico as a foursome, and a couple's trip to Canada and Arizona.  We've had short one-way trips to Eureka Springs that have taken 12 hours from our meeting place in Conway.  Our least experienced young woman with two years under her belt, made the three other ladies in our group envious when she rode roundtrip to Atlanta last year for a business trip, ALONE.

Part of the group out for a ride
Our photo taker generally takes 300-400 photos of BBBQ, our group visiting the vendors, sitting on and dreaming of the bike of our dreams, buying things we may never wear, and eating until we think we may not be able to throw a leg over the seat.  After walking 6-7 blocks from a parking space we are usually too tired for the concert, but we have been known, on occasion, to sit and enjoy people watching and a cold beverage.

When one sees our group coming, they will see mild mannered folks that respect other bikers.  We believe -- “Variety is the Spice of Life".

Jim/Kathy Rice
Dennis/Terry Haugen
Chuck/Kris Gilden
Steve/Tricia Stanton
Mark Milligan/Cheryl Burroughs
Dave Luttmer/Autumn Williams
Jeff/Cathi Tyree
Bob Christensen

Dave-Autum aka
Lumpy and Spyder Woman
Out for a ride

Chuck-Kris Gilden aka
411 and Too Tall
Dennis-Terry Haugen
aka Rainman and Stretch
Stopping for a break

Part of the group

Kathy Rice
Jim Rice's ride
Jim Rice