Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Battle of the Bikes from the Cover of Thunder Roads Magazine

Scotty Robertson and his Champion 2005 Custom Harley-Davidson Springer

As the crowd cheered, whistled and screamed for their favorite bike in the 2014 BBBQ Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes sponsored by Nabholz Construction, the winner was not clear the first time through.  With Earl the Pearl on the sound meter and Laramie LaFarge on the microphone, egging on the crowd to cheer louder, I called out an additional surprise for the winner of the final round of the battle; the Cover Shot of the November issue!  Suddenly, an already deafening cheer, became an uncontrollable roar as they proceeded on to declare whether the hot, big wheeled Indian Bagger or the unique, chopped and bobbed Harley-Davidson Springer would win the final round and take home the championship belt.  And the winner is... Scotty Robertson, aka "Memphis" with the 2005 Harley-Davidson Springer!

Mid-Saturday afternoon Dickson Street in full-tilt cruise mode with the gracious help of the Fayetteville police department, our photographer, Douglas Henderson was able to very quickly capture (we were given 45 seconds) this beautiful cover photo of the winning bike on Dickson Street.

The event MC Laramie LaFarge
We were honored to be able to shoot Scotty's beautiful ride and him proudly displaying the belt.  He was beaming as he held the belt in front of him saying, "this is my second Battle of the Bikes championship win and this belt will to to my second son as my first son has the other one."  Pride and humility were both standing right in front of me as I watched this father and bike builder pace and gaze at his coveted prize.  It's what winning an honorable bike show does to a man and we were happy to get to be a part of it.

Check out the interesting and unusual Bike Specs.  There are some real surprises and unique pieces to this bike that you may not notice right away.  One of the crowd favorite particulars of the bike, was that the coil cover is the Zippo lighter which Scotty's late grandpa carried in his own pocket.  The Prince Albert Can represents the tobacco he smoked.  Scotty couldn't hid that he loved putting this "Working Man's Bike" together.  He asked us to mention that it wouldn't have been possible without the help and inspiration from his dad, Danny; support of his wife, Kristi; sons, Jett and Slade; and the rest of the speed shop family.  All we can say is thanks Scotty and ask the question, "Can he make it a three-peat?"

Reprinted with permission by Thunder Roads Magazine Arkansas / Oklahoma
November 2014 Issue
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