Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hot Hot Hot!

One of the hottest (pun intended) events at the 2016 Bikes Blues and BBQ® was the Whataburger Jalapeno Eating Contest held on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Stage on Friday afternoon of the rally. Two teams, one made up of members of BBB® Security, and the other of volunteers from the beer garden crowd, vied for a year's supply of Whataburgers. (Yep, that's right; each winning team member got 52 vouchers for a free Whataburger.)

The rules were simple. Each team member got ten whole pickled jalapenos on a plate and had 60 seconds to eat as many as possible. At the end of the minute, the total eaten by each team was tabulated and the team with the most won.

During the tabulation period, one of the members of "Team Joe" challenged the emcee, Joe Giles, to eat one of the leftover peppers. In the spirit of charitable giving, Joe offered to do just that if a member of the crowd would donate $20 to the tip jar of the JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Foundation) crew selling beer in the garden that day. Before he could start working on his jalapeno, not only had that donation been made, but it was joined by 8 others for a total of $180 to a very deserving non-profit.

For his part, Joe valiantly got 5 of the peppers
down before good sense (and an ominous rumbling of the stomach) set in and he had had enough. At the end of the spectacle, Team Joe emerged as victors and received their just dues, the years worth of Whataburgers. (Team Security got second place individual gift packs for their efforts.)

To make matters even better, the Whataburger representatives presented BBB® with a check for $1,000 to go toward the moneys donated to local charities following the rally. So, truly a win-win-win for everyone (except Joe who contributed
greatly to profits of the Pepto Bismol company for the rest of the day).

Joe recently commented, "It took about a week and a half to recover fully. Apparently, I'm a lot older than I used to be."

Many thanks to Whataburger for helping us support local charities!

Friday, September 2, 2016

5th Annual Classic Car & Truck Show

Monster Experience Venue – Springdale Arvest Ball Park
If you weren’t there for the 4th Annual BBB Car Show, you don’t know what you missed.  We had it all, customs, street rods, vintage treasures, rat rods, even custom bicycles for the kids!  All that and vendors, a DJ, special awards, everything that goes with a great car show. This was a GREAT car show, at a motorcycle rally!

Held at the Arvest Ball Park venue in Springdale, the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ car show is rapidly becoming one of the premier shows of the mid-west with a stunningly diverse group of fabulous entrants every year.  Don’t miss the 2016 version; it’s just going to get better.

If you are interested in participating in 2016, click here for the registration form >>

People’s Choice BBQ Tasting

Held at the Washington County Fairgrounds

On Friday night of the rally, you can sample BBQ from some of the best BBQ cooks of the Kansas City BBQ Society.   These are the guys who will be vying for the Arkansas KCBS State Championship on Saturday, but they are cooking just for you on Friday night.  Tasting kits are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the gate.

Advance tickets are available at the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau – 479-521-5776.   Ticket sales benefit the Fayetteville Lion’s Club.

3rd Annual Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Show

The Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Association Vintage Bike Show Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Monster Experience Venue – Springdale Arvest Ball Park

Oh, man!  The Bikes, Blues, and BBQ Vintage Bike Show presented by the Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Association is simply too good to believe.  Over 150 magnificent vintage machines, many of which most of us have only read about.  Held at the Arvest Ball Park venue in Springdale, this is the third year for the show and the first two years drew both killer vintage iron and great reviews.

Aside from pristine examples of early bikes from companies that are still with us, the Harleys, Triumphs, Indians, Hondas, Yamahas, etc., there will be a few machines that you’ve only heard of, and never seen.  Or perhaps never even heard of.  Ever seen a Vincent?  We had one here that looked like it just rolled off the production line.  How about a Ward’s Riverside 125?  We had one.  And that’s just the beginning.  A true motorcycle lover can spend hours at the show marveling at these machines of yore.

The Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Assn. puts on this show each year and does a fabulous job.  This year, the show will be held on Saturday, Sept. 24, from approximately 8:00-2:00 at the Monster Experience Venue at the Arvest Ball Park in Springdale.  Don’t miss this; it’s truly one of the coolest things at Bikes Blues and BBQ.

For more info about the Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Assn. visit: www.ozarkvma.com/\

Fayetteville Firefighter's Poker Runs

One of the most popular events at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is the Firefighters’ Poker Run.  And just like Bikes, Blues and BBQ is the “Rally with a Purpose”, these poker runs have a purpose as well.
These runs help to support Camp Sunshine, a summer camp exclusively for children who are burn victims, often severely burned to the point of disfigurement.  Camp Sunshine is a place where these kids can just have a good time, with no one staring, no one asking questions.  They get to be just kids having a good time.  To visit Camp Sunshine is to leave with a lump in one’s throat, and teary eyed. Guaranteed.

The poker runs are fun, the routes are beautiful, the sponsor stops are friendly and appreciative, but most importantly, this is chance to make a real difference in some great kids lives.

To register online > www.goo.gl/K10EX6

Jack Daniels Charity VIP Ride

You’ll have a guided ride through the Ozarks that ends with lunch at a private classic car museum in Bella Vista, AR. Plus you’ll receive a limited edition bottle of Jack Daniels with 2016 Bikes, Blues & BBQ and Heritage Indian Motorcycle labeling. Ride is approximately 135 miles/3 hours plus a 1/2 hour break. Ride is limited to 150 bikes and we ride Rain or Shine.

Follow this link to purchase your ride today…goo.gl/OWUFEC

* Your purchase supports Bikes, Blues & BBQ Charities.
* Passengers must purchase a Passenger add-on for $40. Includes lunch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

War Eagle to Lake Wedington Route

155 Miles
 3h 59min 
Ride Map >

This route could easily be cut in half if one were to travel down I-49, however, if you have a day to indulge it's a worthy ride. The route could be called "Roaring Bridges" due to the fact that it consists of two awesome bridges, War Eagle Mill and the Little Golden Gate aka Beaver Bridge, as well as two wildlife attractions; Turpentine Creek for wild cats, and Wild Wilderness Drive-thru Safari. There are far too many interesting places to stop on this route to hope to achieve them in one day, but having a wide selection to choose from makes the route one you could travel many times, enjoying different stops each time.

You'll start out at Dickson Street and head east on 265 through quaint Arkansas small towns, meandering past ranches and horse farms. Once you take the jog on 412 and get on 303 N, look for the rustic covered bridge on the left side of the road.  Continue north to War Eagle Mill, being sure to have a gander at the incredible scenic overlook with a view of the river, meadows, and the mill in the background.  Upon arriving you'll enjoy seeing and riding over the historic War Eagle Mill bridge. Be sure to stop at the mill and at the very least take a walk through. (We have a habit of collecting a spackleware dish each time we pass through, and a jar of jalapeno jam). The cafe on the top floor is outstanding, so if you're ready for a meal you won't regret taking it there. Old fashioned southern cooking at its finest.

From there you'll continue north, where you'll enjoy the beautiful drive and smooth, velvet highways through Hobbs State Park. Once you leave the state park, you'll head north on HWY 23, also known as the Pig Trail. You'll pass by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge along this highway as you make your way north to the beautiful Victorian village of Eureka Springs.  Here, you'll find a huge variety of shops, restaurants and diversions. If you plan to hang out, you might visit this website for tips on places to go, things to do and where to eat.

North of Eureka Springs you'll cross the Beaver Bridge, affectionately called the Little Golden Gate Bridge by most locals. It is the last suspension bridge of its type in the state. Built in 1949, the beautiful old bridge is 554 feet long and only 11 feet wide. Because it is so narrow, traffic can only move one way at a time across the span. There is a good deal of history recorded on this website about the bridge:

After crossing the bridge, you'll head south on HWY 62 through Rogers, where you'll be passing by Pig Trail Harley-Davidson (2409 West Hudson Road, Rogers) and the Rockin' Pig Saloon.  You'll continue west on this road, which become HWY 102 after you go under the I-49 overpass, until you reach the small town of Decatur.  Here, you'll head south on 59 until reaching Siloam Springs, home to the Cherokee Casino, which boasts an outstanding buffet!

The final leg of the trip takes you south from Siloam Springs on HWY 16, a beautiful rural drive heading into state forest and Lake Wedington.  Upon reaching the lake, you'll find three options to pull over, the recreation area, campground in the middle, and small parking area at the furthest east end.  From there it's beautiful twisties and quiet roads all the way back in to Fayetteville.

Recommended places to eat:

War Eagle Mill
11045 War Eagle Road, Rogers
Breakfast: Saturday & Sunday from 8:30am – 10:30am
Lunch: Every Day from 10:30am – 4pm
Tea Time: Every Day from 4pm – 5pm with Cobbler and Ice Cream 

Cathouse Grill 
82 Armstrong St., Eureka Springs, AR

Gaskins Cabin Steakhouse
2883 Highway 23 N, Eureka Springs
Open W - Su at 5pm

Rockin' Pig Saloon
2407 W. Hudson Road, Rogers
Monday - Saturday 11am - 4pm

Cherokee Casino River Cane Buffet
2416 Highway 412, W. Siloam Springs, OK

11am - 10pm

Choose your stops:

War Eagle Mill
Hobbs State Park
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
Eureka Springs
Beaver Bridge aka Little Golden Gate Bridge
Pea Ridge National Military Park
Pig Trail Harley-Davidson
Wild Wilderness Drive-thru Safari
Cherokee Casino
Lake Wedington 

Key Cities
  • Fayetteville 
  • War Eagle Mill
  • Hobbs State Park
  • Eureka Springs 
  • Beaver
  • Gateway 
  • Pea Ridge
  • Rogers
  • Decatur 
  • Siloam Springs
  • Lake Wedington 
  • Fayetteville 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Art's Place

By Joe Giles

Obviously, we all love when folks show up in Northwest Arkansas for Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, but the Ozarks has a lot to offer as a destination for riders throughout much of the year. And one of the best things about this part of the country is the food. Now when we’re on the road, we stop at the fast food places as much as anyone.  BUT, you can’t beat locally owned, unique spots for good food and interesting times.

So, let’s talk about my favorite burger joint in the world. On North College Avenue in Fayetteville sits an iconic Fayetteville establishment, Arts Place. It’s a little dark inside, and sometimes it’s a little smoky.  Further, depending on the time of day and whether they’ve had a chance to sweep the floor, you may very well walk across a surface replete with peanut hulls. Taking up a large part of floor space are four pretty good pool tables. Got the picture? You won’t find any posh food (or people) there, just honest sandwiches, fries, and cold drinks. And it’s all wonderful food. Among the locals, it’s generally accepted that Art’s has some of the best burgers in this part of the country. (I personally think they are the best, hands down, but that’s a matter of personal taste.) The burgers are large, well-seasoned, and have the perfect “grease quotient”. If you are a burger fan, you know exactly what that means. Everything is reasonably priced. Burger, fires, ice cold long-neck for less than $10. You can’t beat that.

Visit Art's Place on Facebook >>
Of course, in a place like this, you will always meet some of the local characters and that makes Art’s even more attractive to us who spend time on the road. Art’s Place is located at 2530 North College Avenue, Fayetteville for those of you who do the GPS thing. If you come on a nice day, you’ll notice a proliferation of bikes in the parking lot, both in the front and out back. After all, we know good food when we see it. As always, the places and businesses about which I write in this space aren’t necessarily associated with the rally; they are some of my personal favorites and I want to share them with you.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes

Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes presented in part by Nabholz Construction
Saturday, September 24
Fayetteville, AR

Are you bringing your ride to weigh in against the region's finest and most creative motorcycles? There is no need to pre-register, just bring your motorcycle the morning of the show between 8-9 am to register.  The show and battle take place in the Dickson Street Beer Garden during Bikes Blues and BBQ, located just across the street from the Walton Arts Center.  Judging begins at 9am the with championship battle beginning at noon. The Battle of the Bikes is a people's choice championship where the top three motorcycles from each of the show categories go head to head and the winners being decided upon by crowd cheers, scientifically measured by the appropriate gadget!  The crowd is great and the entire event is a ton of fun, with the very talented Laramie LaFarge of V8 Choppers as emcee.  Join us for the fun!

More on our website >>

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Buffalo River Ride

ROUTE MAP >  http://goo.gl/maps/9BhHaZXGH9o
RIDE TIME: 4 Hours
HIGHLIGHTS: Kingston, Ponca, Jasper, Buffalo River, Arkansas Grand Canyon, Glory Hole Falls, Terra Studios

The ride itself is going to take you about 4 hours, of course you will want to allow for many stops as you'll be traversing past some of the states most incredible views and natural wonders.

You'll head out HWY 412 going east, just before your turn at HWY 21 you'll come upon Kings River Country Store, a good place to grab some drinks, snacks or gas.  They also have an outstanding kitchen, but you are going to have to weigh out your options here because you may want to wait for your meal until you reach Jasper.

Elk along HWY 43 before Ponca
Once you reach the HWY 21 junction, you'll then head south along a piece of highway as pretty as you'll ever hope to see.  You'll meander through the quaint town of Kingston until you meet HWY 43, where you'll then want to head north.  Once you get on 43, you're going to want to scan the fields along the bluff wall to the right for elk, as they are often seen along here.

The earlier you can get here the better, as the elk are most frequently seen early in the morning, and again near dusk.  To the left on this hwy, you will also come up on Boxley Valley where you can see the Villines cabin, built in 1850.  There's a historic marker there with detailed information about the structure, if you're a history buff you'll enjoy the read.

Boxley Valley
Continue along to the low water bridge just before Ponca, a perfect spot to pull over, kick off your boots and soak your dogs in the cool waters of the Buffalo River.  From there, if you decide to head on in to Ponca you will find the Buffalo Outdoor Center and Ponca Elk Education Center.
Ozark Cafe, Jasper, Arkansas
Ease on back to HWY 74 and head east toward Jasper.  The first part of this highway is quite incredible, you'll ride along sharp switchbacks, steep canyon drop offs on one side and tall rock bluffs on the other, not to mention the AMAZING views of the valley below.  You'll pass Steele Creek Campground, which is a great place to picnic or even camp, but the trip down the mountain into camp is intensely steep while the road itself is gravel, so not really an ideal option for motorcycles.  Drive on by to Jasper!
Glory Hole Falls

Once you reach Jasper, find the Ozark Cafe and enjoy a wonderful meal, just about everything they make is recommendable, and the service and atmosphere are great.  Established in 1909, the cafe is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is acclaimed as the second oldest restaurant in the state.

After lunch, you'll head south on HWY 7.  A few miles out of Jasper you
Arkansas Grand Canyon
will have a great opportunity to stop at Scenic Point aka Arkansas Grand Canyon.  You'll want a photo, it's compulsory.  Your motorcycle, your sweetheart, your sweetheart and your motorcycle... it's just what we do when we are overwhelmed by such an inspiring view.  Give in, do it.

Back on the road, your'll continue south on HWY 7 into the Ozark National Forest. Basically, you'll follow this route all the way back to Dickson Street, which is essentially HWY 16 once you veer off HWY 7. You'll be passing by Glory Hole Falls, and if you have the ambition and proper walking shoes to make the one mile hike from the trailhead to the falls, you'll have an opportunity to see this world famous spectacle of nature, a hot spot among photographers.

Terra Studios, Elkins, Arkansas
As you continue along toward Fayetteville, you'll come upon yet another worthy stop. Terra Studios is just a few miles south of Elkins and is located just off the road.  If you happen to enjoy incredible pottery and stone art, you'll love this as a stop-by.  A quick tour of the grounds is quite enjoyable with the many whimsical statues, gnomes, trolls and other magical forest creatures displayed on the imaginative grounds of the studio.  The tours are free.

Ride Map

Bikes Blues and BBQ 2016 Updates
Check out the 2016 Music Schedule >>
Bring your ride for the Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes >>
Information about Rally Lodging >>


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ride Destinations: Daisy BB Gun Museum

By Joe Giles, Bikes Blues and BBQ Executive Director

Daisy BB Gun Museum, Rogers, Arkansas
Most of my writing in this space has concentrated on ride routes, with the occasional detour into the realm of restaurants and bars. But the Ozarks region which is the home of Bikes Blues and BBQ® has a lot of unique and worthwhile attractions that are easy to miss. One of my favorites is the Daisy BB Gun Museum in historic downtown Rogers.

I’m of the opinion that almost every gun enthusiast in American started with a Daisy of some sort. And while not all motorcyclists are “gun guys” or “gun girls”, lots of us are. I think the personality that likes the machine quality of a motorcycle appreciates the machine quality of a firearm. Or maybe we just like loud things.

But whether you are a gun enthusiast or not, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Daisy Museum. First and foremost, I’m pretty sure that this is the most complete collection of Daisy BB Guns in world. I believe every year of production is represented. Solid wood models, models that are primarily just steel frames, and of course, the venerable Red Ryder model. They even have a section devoted to “A Christmas Story”. If you’re like me, you’ll search the displays for your very first Daisy.

Most folks aren't aware of the Daisy partnership with the military during WWII
You can wander through the museum on your own, or if you are lucky, one of the knowledgeable volunteers will give you the whole Daisy story.   And the whole story is fascinating. Most folks aren’t aware of the Daisy partnership with the military during WWII. This is the place to learn about that and be astounded, as I was.

And finally, there is a gift shop where you can pick up various Daisy products, commemorative and otherwise. The museum is supported primarily by donations and sales so a trip to the gift shop is doubly important. So, simply google “Daisy BB Gun Museum” for directions and info. When you are visiting Northwest Arkansas, be sure to check it out. You’ll have a fine time, learn a little, and see a historic part of the area all at the same time.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Project Scout: Building a Legend

One of the favorite sponsors of Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is heritage Indian of Northwest Arkansas.  Recently they became involved in a customizing contest sponsored by the Indian Motorcycle Company.  Each participating dealer utilized a brand new Scout as a blank canvas upon which to create their own vision of the perfect bike showcasing the  beauty, performance, and in this case heritage (no pun intended) of the bike.  Heritage Indian of NWA chose to honor the marque’s past with a recreation of one of the great racing bikes of all time.   In their own words:
“Introducing Ol’ #71, a tribute to one of the greats, two time AMA National Champion & Indian Wrecking Crew racer, Bobby Hill.  We built more than just a custom Scout, we rebuilt a legend!  The inspiration for our Project Scout came from the winning tradition that Bobby Hill created in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s. 

Not only is our custom Indian Scout reminiscent of Bobby’s bike with its two-tone paint scheme and colored headdress, we actually let Bobby himself put his own personal touch on this beauty.  In mid-December, our IMRG Vice-President Jim Hiland and Heritage team member Johnathon Vandevort packaged the fuel tank and strapped it to the back of a 2015 Indian Chieftain and embarked on a 1600 mile journey to visit the legend himself.  They endured temperatures in the teens and high winds but knowing that Bobby was going to put his signature on the fuel tank of our custom Scout gave them all the encouragement they needed.  Once there, the Wrecking Crew legend shared racing stories, showed them his old racing jersey and other memorabilia.  Part way through the visit Bobby stated…”Visiting with you guys reminds me of how much fun I had back then!”  It was easy to see why Bobby was known as one of the friendliest racers of his era and was voted AMA’s most popular rider in 1951.  Well Bobby, you’ve made this project not only fun but also more special than any custom Scout could be.

Service Manager Johnny Jones, Technician Cody Lee
and Parts Manager Miles Devlin put a lot of work into this
build. We appreciate their efforts and are proud of the
You’ll notice the sprung seat with copper springs and matching distressed leather fender pad, vintage style flat track handle bars and of course, number plates with the iconic #71.  We didn’t stop there, Bobby shared a lot of details with us months ago that we incorporated into our build.  Like how he ran 18” wheels and often ran on Firestone tires, which we added to our Scout.  We painted the front end, frame and swing arm just to resemble his winning bike.  Bobby insisted that we use the gold pinstripe on the fuel tank, just like he had!  Our custom dual exhaust is staggered and offset,  the rear shock springs are copper plated, our front and rear fenders underwent heavy fabrication and we even added the vintage left side air cleaner, all to bring back the look and aura of the two time AMA National Champion and famed Wrecking Crew racer #71.

We hope you find Ol’ #71 not only honors Bobby Hill, the legendary Wrecking Crew and their contribution to American motorcycle racing history but also honors the Indian Scout’s place in American motorcycle history.  Cast your vote for Ol’ #71 today and make Bobby Hill and the new Indian Scout #1 again!”

So, we ask our friends and fans to check out all the entries in this contest and cast your vote for the local guys, Heritage Indian of NWA.