Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ride Destinations: Daisy BB Gun Museum

By Joe Giles, Bikes Blues and BBQ Executive Director

Daisy BB Gun Museum, Rogers, Arkansas
Most of my writing in this space has concentrated on ride routes, with the occasional detour into the realm of restaurants and bars. But the Ozarks region which is the home of Bikes Blues and BBQ® has a lot of unique and worthwhile attractions that are easy to miss. One of my favorites is the Daisy BB Gun Museum in historic downtown Rogers.

I’m of the opinion that almost every gun enthusiast in American started with a Daisy of some sort. And while not all motorcyclists are “gun guys” or “gun girls”, lots of us are. I think the personality that likes the machine quality of a motorcycle appreciates the machine quality of a firearm. Or maybe we just like loud things.

But whether you are a gun enthusiast or not, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Daisy Museum. First and foremost, I’m pretty sure that this is the most complete collection of Daisy BB Guns in world. I believe every year of production is represented. Solid wood models, models that are primarily just steel frames, and of course, the venerable Red Ryder model. They even have a section devoted to “A Christmas Story”. If you’re like me, you’ll search the displays for your very first Daisy.

Most folks aren't aware of the Daisy partnership with the military during WWII
You can wander through the museum on your own, or if you are lucky, one of the knowledgeable volunteers will give you the whole Daisy story.   And the whole story is fascinating. Most folks aren’t aware of the Daisy partnership with the military during WWII. This is the place to learn about that and be astounded, as I was.

And finally, there is a gift shop where you can pick up various Daisy products, commemorative and otherwise. The museum is supported primarily by donations and sales so a trip to the gift shop is doubly important. So, simply google “Daisy BB Gun Museum” for directions and info. When you are visiting Northwest Arkansas, be sure to check it out. You’ll have a fine time, learn a little, and see a historic part of the area all at the same time.