Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Art's Place

By Joe Giles

Obviously, we all love when folks show up in Northwest Arkansas for Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, but the Ozarks has a lot to offer as a destination for riders throughout much of the year. And one of the best things about this part of the country is the food. Now when we’re on the road, we stop at the fast food places as much as anyone.  BUT, you can’t beat locally owned, unique spots for good food and interesting times.

So, let’s talk about my favorite burger joint in the world. On North College Avenue in Fayetteville sits an iconic Fayetteville establishment, Arts Place. It’s a little dark inside, and sometimes it’s a little smoky.  Further, depending on the time of day and whether they’ve had a chance to sweep the floor, you may very well walk across a surface replete with peanut hulls. Taking up a large part of floor space are four pretty good pool tables. Got the picture? You won’t find any posh food (or people) there, just honest sandwiches, fries, and cold drinks. And it’s all wonderful food. Among the locals, it’s generally accepted that Art’s has some of the best burgers in this part of the country. (I personally think they are the best, hands down, but that’s a matter of personal taste.) The burgers are large, well-seasoned, and have the perfect “grease quotient”. If you are a burger fan, you know exactly what that means. Everything is reasonably priced. Burger, fires, ice cold long-neck for less than $10. You can’t beat that.

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Of course, in a place like this, you will always meet some of the local characters and that makes Art’s even more attractive to us who spend time on the road. Art’s Place is located at 2530 North College Avenue, Fayetteville for those of you who do the GPS thing. If you come on a nice day, you’ll notice a proliferation of bikes in the parking lot, both in the front and out back. After all, we know good food when we see it. As always, the places and businesses about which I write in this space aren’t necessarily associated with the rally; they are some of my personal favorites and I want to share them with you.